Mikko Linnamäki Radio at The Edge 09 Presentation

Mikko Linnamäki (CEO of spodtronic.com) Radio at The Edge Presentation, London 10.11.2009

Also as Videos on Youtube:

Mikko Linnamäki Radio At The Edge 09 presentation Part1:


Radio At The Edge 09, London 10.11.09: Start of the panel,
analyzing the different user types of handsets, showing a video of RTL 102.5 radio app
running on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and NOKIA.

Mikko Linnamäki Radio At The Edge 09 presentation Part2:


Comparing 4 App Store performances of a multi-platform radio app.
Showing download curves on iPhone, Android and NOKIA.
Comparing Tune Ins on various platforms.
Key performance figures of a radio station app.
What download numbers are needed to become #1 Music app in UK.

Mikko Linnamäki Radio At The Edge 09 presentation Part3:


Comparing Radio App strategies in USA and Europe,
Aggregator Apps vs Branded Apps for each station.
Chart of Radio apps in iTunes Top 100 in 6 countries.
WHATS NEXT on Radio Apps, Traffic Reporter, AudioBoo and
a Video of a next generation Radio App.

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